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Time for a Birthday Poem.

Between 4:45 and 5:30 we can expect you to wake us up everyday….
Every single day…
Even Saturday..
Even Sunday.

You bug your brother every morning at 6:15.
Every morning we hear him scream.

I’m sure he wishes for payback in his dreams.
Oh my god what will you both be like as teens.

Oh my god you touched that.

Come here!
I didn’t say go there!

You keep your mom and I on our toes.
Sometimes you make us want to dose.

But, in the end you are you.
You are strong willed like your dad and will do what you do.

We love you for that and wouldn’t change it.
None of it, not one little bit.

Because through it all you’re the most loving kid.
You give the best hugs and blow a wonderful kiss.

Today you are three.
You’re growing too fast for your mom and me.

You will grow up and do your own things.
You will let us sleep in as you start to grow wings.

College you will go and make good grades.
We will sit at home remembering the days.

Wishing you would wake us at 4:45.
Wishing you would give a three year old high five.

So bug your brother and make some noise.
You only live once, and boys will be boys.

Touch this and touch that. Touch that and touch this.
The breaking of stuff will one day be missed.

We love you with all our heart your mother and I.
We know that time is flying by.

So stay young our son.
And have lots of fun.
This poem is finally done.

Happy Birthday Chace!


The Birthing Story.

(I wrote this a few years ago.  Today being my sons Birthday, reminded me of something I would like to share.)

8 years ago at almost this time. A Doctor walked into the birthing room that Jennifer and I had occupied for going on two days.  His demeanor was different than his previous visits and there was a quickness in his voice.  He had a concerned look upon his face when he placed a hand full of papers in front of Jennifer and said “we have problem.”. He explained that our unborn son was in distress and needed to leave the womb immediately.  He further explained that he would love to give a detailed explanation of what was on the papers and give Jennifer time to read them, but there simply wasn’t time. Nurses entered the room and eagerly waiting for Jennifer to sign so they could whisk her away to the O.R.

A short time later I cut the cord and our son entered the world.  The nurses cleaned him off and oh how I wanted to hold him for the first time. Jennifer was trying to catch a peak of him over the surgical barrier over her tummy when a nurse said “come with me dad.” I gave Jennifer a kiss and followed the nurse to the NICU.

His BP, respiratory rate, and temp were elevated. The nurse explained it’s wasn’t an emergency situation yet, they just wanted make sure he was OK.

With a little oxygen everything returned to normal and we were in the clear.  The nurse then asked, ” wanna give him his first bath Dad?” “Dad”, it was so good to hear that for the first time.

I spent the next few minutes enjoying the quiet company of my first born son. He seemed to enjoy the warm water so much, I swear he smiled.

A little while later a walking into Jennifer’s hospital room holding our son. I played him on her chest and in her arms. That is the day the tears of joy started.

For eight years now Connor has been in many battles. He has been poked and prodded too many times to count.  Through all of it has persevered and astounded many people including his mother and I. Since that first day, Jennifer and I have wept with joy, many times.

We are so proud of you Connor, and we love you.

Happy Birthday.

Do The Sony’s Beat the Beats?

(Blast from the past.  Today’s review is one of my first and was never posted until today.)

Sony MDRXB50AP Extra Bass Earbud Headset

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first purchased the SONY MDRXB50AP Earbuds. I love Sony products, but never used their earbuds before this pair.  A couple of years ago I started looking for a relatively inexpensive set of earbuds.  I wanted to use them while doing yard work; mowing, weed eating, blowing. When first considering work earbuds,  I purchased $2.00 earbuds from eBay. I bought 10 thinking they would last a year or two all together; FOUR MONTHS was all 10 could handle. Plus, I couldn’t hear anything over the equipment I was using. I would turn the volume up all the way (not good for ears), still hardly any sound.

Finally after they all broke, I bought a pair of Beats and those were 90% better then the cheap ones. However, the sound of the mower was still a slight problem.  Additionally, who wants to wear $100 earbuds when mowing?  After being so worried I would drop and mow over my Beats, I purchased the Sony’s. I was hoping that they were somewhere between the eBay earbuds and Beats.

After they arrived I was not disappointed,  I was actually very surprised of their superb quality.  They actually blocked equipment sounds better than the Beats. Infact, I can only turn the volume of the Sony pair to half. Any higher is just too loud.

They have a very nice feel in the ear; no ear canal pressure found in cheaper earbuds. Not once have I had to remove them because of ear pain.

I used the Sony’s for an entire summer working outside.  I have dropped them many times.   The have gotten hung up on branches, trees, mower levers as well as many other items.  Through all that, they still work perfectly.  Still have a nice fit in my ear and still have great sound.

There is only one draw back I have found; they are big. The actual inner ear piece is nice, but the speaker housing is huge!  This is not a problem for me because of how and when I use them. However, I don’t think they would be great for everyday use; they are just SO BIG!!!

Price. At $30, they’re a great purchase.
Great sound quality.


Big.  They are just SO BIG!!!

That’s it, one con. I would recommend these too anyone who wants to listen to music while using equipment.

On a scale of 1 to 100; I would rate them at a 90.  I gave them a 10% reduction  because of their size. Really, the speaker housing portion is huge, just plain huge!!!

(This review was written a few years ago.  I still use this same pair every summer.)

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Until next time, stay safe and always buckle up.

Cory Richards, writer, blogger, reviewer at Product Reviews by Dad.

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What’s Dad Been Up Too? 01/18/2016

What’s Dad Been Up Too?

Hello everyone.

Another amazing week here at Product Reviews by Dad. A lot has been happening and a lot to tell you!

Exciting News for Bloggers.

I have been working closely with my sponsors and two of them will soon be starting BIG campaigns. I am excited to type…

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Cory Richards, writer, blogger, reviewer at Product Reviews by Dad.

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ThermapenMk4 In-Depth Review.

It isn’t every day that  I am able to review a product that the manufacture states is the “world’s best.”  Saying their product is better than EVERY other similar product in the ENTIRE WORLD is a strong statement to make.  I certainly can not prove or disprove ‘world’s best’ on a review level, therefore I set out to test the reasons as to why Thermoworks states their ThermapenMk4 stands above all the rest.


While I waited for the ThermapenMk4 to arrive, I did my company and product research.  The product is sold by Thermoworks which is a company located in American Fork, Utah, U.S.A. This company makes many products that span across many industries. You can find their products in virtually any industry that would use any form of thermometer.  These include, commercial kitchens, grocery stores, farms, even road construction vehicles have Thermoworks products installed in them for one purpose or another. However, their flagship and most popular line of products is their Thermapen line. The Thermapen is so popular, you can even see Celebrity Chefs like Alton Brown using them. In fact, Thermoworks even quotes Alton Brown saying the Thermapen is “The best instant-read I’ve used.”  Keep in mind, Mr. Brown was talking about the ‘Thermapen’, which fathered the claimed, faster and stronger ThermapenMk4; which I am reviewing. Thermoworks claims the Mk4 can:

Read a temperature in 2 to 3 seconds.

Accurately read temperatures ranging from -58°F to 572°F

Waterproof to IP67. This is a fancy way of saying it is water proof for short periods of time up to 1 meter (39.37”) deep. It also means it is fully dust proof

AAA battery life up to 3000 hours.

The Mk4 also has many bells and whistles I will go over later.

Okay, let’s get going.

After completing the ThermapenMk4 research, I decided to have 8 testing and review parameters which included:

  1. Can it accurately reach and read a steady temperature in 3 seconds or less?
  2. Can it accurately and steadily read different temperature ranges?
  3. Can it accurately read the temperature of thin objects?
  4. If is waterproof in depths up to 1 meter for short periods of time?
  5. How durable is the housing, probe, hinge, and display.
  6. Price.

The last two are as always: Is it kid friendly and is it Dad friendly.



The day finally came when the mail carrier knocked on my door with the Thermoworks box.



My first impressions with the Mk4 were great.  It came packaged in a beautiful box with a cutout view of the entire product.  The box explained in detail what was inside and what it could do.  It even had the un-mistakable Thermoworks logo in the top corner. Included in the box were FULL COLOR and HIGHLY detailed (yet easy to read) instructions on how to use the ThermapenMk4.  This type of detail isn’t found in low end products. Items such as these are only found in the boxes of elite and high end products.  There was one more surprise in the box.  A small package of ‘Jelly Belly’ jelly beans.  I always love seeing free items in a box. Thermoworks may have only paid pennies for each package, they might have even received them for free from ‘Jelly Belly’ for cross advertisements. Even then, Thermoworks would have man power expenses of unloading, storage, confirming expiration dates, ordering, packaging…  My point is, free items can greatly reduce a product’s net profit. It speaks volumes that Thermoworks cares enough about their customers to give an item away for free. No matter how small.


The ThermapenMk4

2016-01-05 10.24.28.jpg

Handling the Mk4 for the first time was impressive.  It feels solid in your grip.  It has a really nice weight that gives you a since of craftsmanship not found in lesser brands.  No where near enough weight to cause muscle fatigue; just enough to let you know there are quality parts within the housing.  The Mk4 also had great measurements. At just over 6 inches closed length, it easily fits in a pocket, drawer, or cooking bag.  At 11 inches total (open) length it is easy to handle.  The 4 1/2 inch long probe helps you easily reach that one piece of meat that is always hard to reach in the back of your smoker.






2016-01-05 10.29.40.jpg
Opening the probe is a little tight at first.  This is commonly found in new equipment.  With use, it should quickly loosen and open much easier.  For those with weak fingers or arthritis, instant read thermometers with similar designs can be hard to open and problematic. Thermoworks obviously had them in mind when designing the Mk4.  There is a convenient notch near the bottom of the housing.  It appears as though it was designed for your thumb and forefinger to grasp the probe for easy opening.  This could still be a problem for people with severe finger dexterity problems.  With that in mind I played around with it trying different ways to open it.   The easiest way I found was to simply place my forefinger in the notch and push forward under the probe.  This easily opened the probe enough to grasp it with my entire hand.  This technique should eliminate any concerns for those with any finger dexterity problems.


I also like the color red I received.  Not to worry, if red is not your first choice, the Mk4 comes in 10 color choices.



Over all, the ThermapenMk4 had a wonderful design and great color selections.

Initial Testing of Calibration.

Accuracy at freezing and boiling.

For testing such a professional thermometer, I used R/O water. This water has over 99% of minerals removed from it. The reason for this is minerals can ever so slightly change freezing and boiling points. I also took my altitude into account. (Water boils at lower temperatures at higher altitudes.)  Using R/O water at my altitude of just over 1000’ above sea level, it will boil at 210°F.  Spot on accurate!!! The display read 210°F   At this same altitude, pure water will freeze at 32.0036°F.  We will just call it 32°F.  I drilled a 1/8” whole in a cube of R/O water ice and let it refreeze. With the probe inserted into the hole; again, spot on accurate. The display read 32°F.


Okay, now that the science geeky stuff is over; let’s get into the fun stuff.

Test 1: Speed.

For this test, I prepared two things.  A pot of rapid boiling R/O water on the stove, and a bowl of R/O ice water.  To test the speed, I would let the Mk4 reach a steady 32°F, then transfer it to 210°F and see if it could reach a steady and accurate temp in 3 seconds or less.  The results?  Short answer, WOW.  Long answer, HOLY MOLY this thing is FAST.  The Mk4 could change from a steady 32°F to 210°F in 2.7 SECONDS. It read slightly slower in reverse, 2.9 seconds from 210°F to 32°F. My mind was blown.

Test 2: Steady Temp.

For this test I made a cheddar cheese rue for homemade mac and cheese.  I know that the melting point of this cheese in 150°F, so this would give me a good middle range temperature to test. Spot on again!!!


The next and most important is water temp for yeast French bread. If the temp is off to much, the yeast will activate slower and could give unwanted results.  The display read 110°F for water temp and I added sugar and yeast to start the activation. The bread rose beautifully.

2016-01-05 04.20.58.jpg



I also used it to test if it was done. Yeast bread with low sugar is done between 190°F to 195°F. Perfect once again.



Deep Pan Johnny Cake. (Sweet Cornbread) Is done between 180°F and 190°F.




Cake. Done at 220°F

2016-01-05 04.19.55.jpg

Cupcakes. Done at 220°F

2016-01-05 04.20.26.jpg

You may wonder why I put the Mk4 through so many baking trials.  The answer has three simple parts.

1st.  Stoves, whether gas or electric can become less accurate over time.  The electric heating element can burn hotter or cooler with age.  Likewise, the burners in a gas stove can become unreliable with age.  Also, in both gas or electric, the internal thermometer can read inaccurate with age.  It is not uncommon for an old oven to read 10 to 20 degrees hotter or cooler then actual temperature.  Timed cooking with inaccurate temperatures can cause major problems when baking.

2nd. I always hated using toothpicks to test whether a baked good was done or not.  You can read in many places where it states to insert a toothpick into the middle of the item. If the toothpick is removed clean the item is done.  The toothpick method is horrible to use with breads or soft baked items.  You will never pull a clean toothpick out of soft baked brownies unless you overcook them.  Opposite to that, you can almost always remove a clean toothpick from raw bread dough.

3rd.  To show that instant read thermometers are great to use all around the kitchen, not just while grilling.

Time for some Meat!!!

Smoked turkey.


When smoking meat the trick is not opening the smoker lid for long. You want to open, test temp and get out!!! If the lid is open to long, you just added time to your cook because the heat has to rebuild. This is where the Mk4 SHINES!!!  I did I quick temp test for a photo and MAN, this thing amazes me every time I use it. If you insert the probe and blink to long, you will miss the temperature changing on the display. Before you know it, the Mk4 reaches a steady temp. I love this thing!!! (In the picture above, you saw two turkey breasts touching each other. This is not recommended. One breast simply fell over during the smoke and I didn’t want to waste the time moving it)

The Turkeys came out perfect!!!



Baked Half Ham. I think the picture says it all!!!

2016-01-05 04.19.20.jpg

***Pork Disclaimer***

I follow FDA guidelines when cooking unground pork.  In 2007 the FDA lowered the minimum cooking temp from 160°F to 145 °F.  Most of the cooking thermometers still say 160°F.  This is because the public opinion is pork should be cooked to 160°F.  The few thermometers that once said 145°F changed back to 160°F after people believed they were printed wrong.  However, if you have eaten a pork chop, loin or other unground pork product in a decent restaurant since 2007, you most likely ate pork cooked to 145°F with a 3 minute rest time.  That is how I cook my unground pork. Cook your unground pork the way you feel comfortable, as long as it is OVER 145°F

Test 3. Thin Objects

True baking test.

For this, I decided to make sugar cookie sandwiches. This is the ultimate baking test for a thermometer.

I made the dough and rolled it in parchment paper for easy cutting and placed it in the freezer until almost frozen. Wow. Dough was firm but not frozen. Perfect read again.


2016-01-05 04.16.07.jpg

Soft set sugar cookies should be done between 210°F and 215°F. WOW!!! Inside a HOT oven and measuring the temperature of a ¼” thick item. PERFECT STEADY READ!!!  This is where many thermometers fail. The radiating heat from inside the oven and the heat coming from the pan will often heat up the probe of lower quality thermometers forcing them to give a higher reading than actual.  The ThermapenMk4 read the temperature so fast, it never had this problem.


2016-01-05 04.14.22.jpg


WOW, proof is in the picture. PERFECT SUGAR COOKIE SANDWICHES!!!


2016-01-05 04.12.57.jpg



Test 4. Water Proof.

I placed the Mk4 at the bottom of a full 5 gallon bucket for 5 minutes. It worked perfect after.

I dropped it in a sink full of water. Worked perfect after.

I was a little scared doing those water tests. Well okay, I was a lot scared. Not because I didn’t believe it would work after, I simply fell in love with the thermometer. With a big sigh of relief after each test, my latest and greatest kitchen tool is indeed waterproof.


Test 5. Durability.

The Mk4 is built like a tank. It might have a plastic housing, but it is some hard plastic. I dropped it on a wood floor, tile floor, cement floor…. Pushed it off tables and bar height counters. Not even a scratch!!! I love it even more.


The display cover is THICK. On many thermometers, the display is the weak point.   On lower quality thermometers  you can easily push on the display and feel it move under your finger with just light pressure. Not this one. It doesn’t move!!!

I tested a cheaper thermometer a while back and hated the battery cover. I like the cover on the Mk4, though I don’t love it for one reason.  This reason isn’t truly Thermoworks fault. It is the fault of almost all kitchen equipment these days. The cover is held in place with a screw, which I LOVE. However the screw is a small Phillips head. I have had experience with these types of screws before and have stripped the head trying to loosen it. I would prefer to see at least a size 1 Phillips head screw.



The probe and hinge are strong. Even after almost two weeks of testing, dropping, dunking, opening and closing, the probe is still solidly in place. It has no wobble, and stays closed between two probe keeps. Which brings me to the second thing I would change. Again, not Thermoworks problem, this is a problem with ALL instant read thermometers I have seen. The space between the probe keeps is so small it is hard to clean. I purposely closed a dirty probe to see the results. I had to use a toothpick to clean between them. I don’t have any idea on what I would do to change this, I truly don’t think anyone does. That’s why they are all hard to clean.




Parameter 6. Price.

This is a Professional kitchen item. It is meant to work accurately with no problems for years and years. With that being said the price is currently $90.00. DON’T STOP READING!!! Think about this. How many kitchen thermometers have you purchased over the years? How many broke because you dropped it. How many stopped working because of water? How many just stopped for no reason? I have easily spent more than $100 on crappy thermometers over the years that stopped working. If you think about it that way, $90.00 isn’t that bad of a price. Imagine not having to buy another thermometer for, let’s say 15 years. Which I am lowballing.


Kid Friendly? No, no, and another no. This is not a toy and should be kept out of reach of children. The probe is extremely sharp and could easily puncture skin. NOT RECOMMENDED FOR KIDS. NOT KID FRIENDLY.


Dad friendly? Oh goodness yes!!! Here are those bells and whistles I mentioned much earlier.

The display reading rotates!!! If you are a lefty, this should be your new thermometer. It is easy to use and read while using your left hand.

Buttons. Wait, what buttons!!! That’s right, the Mk4 is so user friendly, it doesn’t even have one button. Turn it on? Open the probe, ON. Turn it off? Close the probe, OFF. Forget to close it? No worries, it shuts itself off after a few seconds! Need it back on? Just pick it up again. It turns itself back on!!! The point is, Dads of any age would love and could easily use this thermometer.

The Pros.

SPEED: It lives up to Thermoworks claims. The Mk4 will reach a constant temp in 3 seconds or less.

Accurate: I could not find any results that showed any error in accuracy. The Mk4 read a perfect temp through every test.

Durability: You are not going to find a stronger, better build, instant read thermometer than the Mk4

Very easy to use: How easier can you get then open and close and auto off and on? The Mk4 is the most user friendly instant read thermometer I have ever used.


The small area between the probe locks. I can’t call it a con because EVERY thermometer I have seen has this same problem.

Price. The cost is neither a pro nor a con. If you want a thermometer that will last for years? $90.00 is well worth the price. If you are new to cooking and think a cheaper entry level thermometer is a better choice, I disagree. The more you cook the less you rely on thermometers. Over time you can tell if something is done simply by touch, sight, taste, or even sometimes by smell. Buying cheaper thermometers in the beginning just means you are going to buy more and more of them and waste the money. Save the money now and buy the Thermapen Mk4. It will pay for itself in the long run.

The Cons.

The battery lid screw. I would love to see a larger head Phillips screw. I have stripped enough screws in the past, I always hate small screws in places where the consumer will remove and reinstall them.

Over all I absolutely love the Thermapen Mk4. The pros heavily outnumber the (1) con. It is the easiest instant read thermometer I have ever used. I put it through some rough tests and it aced every one.

Finale Scores:

Accuracy: 100 Excellent

Speed: 100 Excellent

Durability: 90 Great (the screw lost it 10)

Size: 100 Excellent.

Cost: 70 Fair

Kid Friendly:   0 Horrible

Dad Friendly: 100 Excellent


In the end, if you would like the fastest and most accurate instant read thermometer on the market? Look no further. The ThermapenMk4, truly is the “world’s best.” Any Dad would be happy to own this item. You can get yours today at

This Dad and Product Reviews by Dad, happily approves the ‘ThermapenMk4’.

Thank you for your likes, shares, comments, follows and retweets.

Until next time, stay safe and always buckle up.

This item was provided to me at no charge for my review. The opinions in this review are my own and do not reflect those of any company, product, or advertisement.


Cory Richards, writer, blogger, reviewer at Product Reviews by Dad.

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What’s Dad Been Up To? 01/04/2016

Good Monday morning everyone,

I am happy to write this Monday’s ‘What’s Dad Been Up To’ update.  After not writing for over a week, my brain and fingers were screaming for use. As my fingers race across this keyboard, my brain is racing to put my thoughts down. I am so happy right now!!!

It has been a great holiday here at Product Reviews by Dad. I had a blast testing out the ThermapenMk4 for the review that will be published tomorrow.  I used it for grilling, smoking, baking, cooking, and much more.  I put this thing through some rough tests.  To find out how it performed, make sure to read my review tomorrow.  Thermapens are still on SALE for a little while longer!!!  If you want one at a greatly reduced price, act fast.  They are selling quick and won’t last long.  Get yours today at

The guys over at Viking Crate and I have been talking a lot lately preparing for their upcoming GIVEAWAY.  The owners Stian and Alex, are a breath of fresh air.  They are fantastic to work with.  I often deal with corporations and HUGE companies.  When dealing with these companies, they expect to see my business side; ad targeting reports, growth statistics, negotiating contract terms, formal written emails… which I happily give them.  However, these guys made me loosen my tie and have a little fun over the holiday break.  We message and email daily. We also have a Skype conference at least once a week.  I think we laugh as much as we work.  Don’t get me wrong, these guys are DRIVEN.  They are ready to take over the candy world, but in a fun way.  It seems they care about life as much as they do business.  This is probably why they are doing so well across the globe.   I am happy to announce that I will be doing a monthly review of their Viking Crate!!!  That means I will get to experience exclusive and elite Norwegian candy and chocolate each month.  I am not sure what I am more excited about, the monthly shipment, or getting to work with these wonderful guys all year long.

I have been eating the same old snacks since I was a kid.  The same old chocolate bar, the same old candy, the same old snacks.  I still love them and always will; I will never turn my back on them, they are a big part of who I am.  However, I am ready for something NEW.  Something to excite my taste buds.   Anytime I want a good old American candy bar, I can pick one up at practically any store.  Somedays there truly isn’t anything better than a Coke and a Snickers, but I have been eating them for over thirty years!!!  I am ready for something new and exciting between my usual.

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